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YouTube Channel Partner

Monetize your Youtube Channel !


“DJ at Work provides official Youtube partnership and helps you monetize your video content.”

YouTube Channel Management

Our team is offering a complete solution to maximize your youtube audience and optimize your youtube revenues.

From search engine optimization to monetizations we can help your boost your YouTube channel.

DJ at Work has a particular knowledge of the digital distribution of video content on the YouTube platform and unlike many competitors we take no commission on your income, you will get 100% of your channel’s revenues,
You will remain sole owner of the video content, the sole owner of the YouTube channel, as well as all the rights derived from their usages.


Our Youtube Channel management Services includes :

• Turning your channel into an official « You Tube Partner Channel »
• Search Engine Optimization of the Channel
• Video tagging
• Subscription links
• Claims
• Take down of user generated content
• Channel Look & Feel
• Monetization
• Live detailed reports to Partner
• Links to official iTunes content of the artist within the youtube videos

All you have to do is concentrate on the content (Video Creation, Frequent upload of the videos on your Youtube Channel, Video and channel promotion on your social network) and let us do the rest !


Pricing :

 Starting from 50 EUR per month and per Youtube channel : 50 EUR

Please contact us for more details.

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