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Recording Studio

We provide the right tools for all your recording needs!



“DJ at Work offers a unique recording experience in a profesionally designed recording studio with all the tools you will need to help you obtain that next masterpiece!”

Recording Studio


Specially designed by JH Brandt (40 years in the acoustics and audio/video design industry), DJ at Work’s recording studio has been fully treated and optimized for state of the art Electronic Music & Dance Music Production. Located in the heart of Paris, walking distance from the Eiffel Tower, our recording studio is part of falicities with photo shooting & video shooting studios as well as a confortable lounge with bar to relax betwen takes.

We have an extensive list of tools and equipment for your various recording needs from production, mixing, mastering, remixes, vocal recordings, voice over, etc.

Studio Equipment :

2 Speakers Mackie HR824
2 Speakers Yamaha NS-10M
2 Speakers Divatech + Subwoofer
1 Speaker Selector Crookwood
1 Vu-Meter Attenuator Crookwood
1 VU-Meter RTW
1 Pre-Amp Symetrix 528 E
1 Analyser Audio Klark Teknik DN600
1 T-Racks DS2418
1 Apple Cinéma Display 30¹¹
1 Mac Pro
1 Pr-Amp Focursite Platinum Compounder
1 Pre-Amp Focursite Platinum Penta
1 Effet TC Electronics M-One XL
1 Effet Sony DDS V-55M
1 Synth Nord Lead 2
1 Expander Roland Super JV-1080
1 Expander Emu Orbit 9090
1 Expander Emu Proteus 1
1 Expander Quasimidi 309
1 Patch Neutrick 48 Points
1 Synth Korg MS-20
1 Synth Micro Korg
1 Moog Voyager
1 DAT Sony V-55M
1 Alesis ADAT
1 Akai S-2800
1 Audio Interface RME Fireface 400
1 Deport Aten DVI
1 Effet TC Electronics 6000
1 Amp Alesis

Vocal Booth :

1 mic ATM 4033
1 mic Shure SM58
1 mic Rode


To learn more about our recording studio’s rates and packages visit 2Bis Recording Studio

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