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Make it Loud and bring it to the Max !



“DJ at Work is providing professional audio mastering and mixing services.”


Our sound engineers, mixers and producers are specialize in mastering, mixing and producing Dance Music such as EDM, House Music & Underground genres.

mastering-studio-track-audio-online-djatwork As a Producer, your music deserves the best treatment and we are here to help you reach the best possible quality.

No matter how talented you are or how good your music is, without a professional high quality masterering, your productions will almost certainly never get played by a high profile DJ or signed to a major label. And they will properly compete with other recordings in the market place. In the professional music industry, everybody is looking for the best possible sounding, bad sound, bad dynamics and wrong levels are not an option.

Thanks to our analog and digital equipments, our engineers will work to get the best sound your production can reach. The can also work according to your personal taste if you want to recommend some productions which sounds the way you like.



Pricing :

On Line Mastering : 60 EUR

On Line Mastering with stems : 120 EUR

Mixing & Mastering : 240 EUR

Please contact us for more info :
DJ at Work

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