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Be heard worldwide through your own podcast!



“DJ at Work provides a convenient way for DJs and Labels to have their own podcast on Apple iTunes and online thanks to a podcast interface wherein DJs & Labels can easily upload and publish their mixes”

Music Podcast

Instead of finding the perfect audience for your music to be heard, why not let your fans and audience flock to you and discover your latest releases with ease through your very own podcast! Nowadays people subscribe to podcasts to learn and to enjoy about the latest music there is. Similar to subscribing to a blog, subscribing to podcasts enable fans to stay updated and to easily digest the latest music there is.


Here at DJ at Work we offer services wherein we can manage and create your podcast on iTunes with a podcast interface enabling you to easily upload and publish your podcasts at your convenience!

Pricing :

Creation of Podcast interface including referencing your own Podcast on Apple iTunes: 250 EUR


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